Wednesday, March 16, 2011

From Sloppy Failure to Beautiful Mediocrity

I can now crochet from a pattern...sometimes...on a good day. I do much better when it's a visual pattern, rather than text. If It's a text pattern...I will inevitably screw it up. Just like the floppy beanie I tried making in Vegas; keyword: tried. I thought I was following the pattern exactly...but I'm pretty sure the giant, yellow vagina-shaped blob I made was not what the author had in mind. So, I reluctantly unraveled the whole thing (Yes, I followed it through to the end, just to see how screwed up it would become...I'm sick like that.)and started over. Slowly but surely, after following the visual pattern, my yarn actually morphed into something that resembled a beanie! It's definitely not perfect, and I kind of guessed on a couple parts, but unless you are a master crocheter you wouldn't even notice. I'm so proud of myself! Here is a link to a You Tube video for a crochet floppy beanie much like the one I made, so grab some yarn and a hook and make one for yourself!

I wish I would have taken a picture of the yellow sloppy, failure of a  beanie I made...but alas, I did not. So here is a dramatic recreation:
This crochet thing is really starting to consume me! Even while vacationing in Vegas I made time to sit around and crochet, all while consuming alcohol, so it definitely wasn't as lame as it sounds! Well, maybe it was but I was too trashed to notice. I managed to make two scarves and the above floppy-failure hat while in Vegas, and before my trip I made a really cute green scarf with little flower accents. Yes, I actually created something with my own two hands. Pretty sweet feeling ;0

Now, I feel like I  need to take the time to talk about booze for a second...partly because while crocheting in Vegas I had some pretty amazing alcoholic beverages that I feel I must share with my "of age" crowd. If you have a project that stresses you out, or just need to wind down after a hard day, nothing hits the spot and calms the nerves better than a good drink. While in Vegas I had plenty of those but my stand out favorites was the winning combo of a tequila shot with the pickle juice chaser aptly named: The Hooker--seriously, this sounds horrible, but it is REALLY, damn good! Another standout was this lovely red wine blend my friend introduced me to called Ménage à Trois, yes it is as amazing as I imagine one of those would be. Oooh! Last but not least a vodka infused Sweet Tea made by Jeremiah Weed is to die for! According to the hubby it tastes exactly like his grandma's sweet tea, only it will kick you in the ass. I added a little squirt of lemon and a dash of water to mine and it was heaven in a glass. No, I am not being paid by the companies I just mentioned, I just wanted to enlighten all of my of-age readers to these amazing adult beverages; but if anyone from the above company's is reading this I do accept gifts here:  ;)

Here's my finished floppy beanie

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  1. I love the green scarf!!!!

  2. the yellow beanie is cute! I made something similar with some camouflage colored yarn a while back but the yarn was too stiff and scratchy to wear so it's been sitting in my closet for like 2 years now. Unfortunate but I know not to use that yarn again in the future.