Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rhymes With Bunt ;)

Thanks to one of my blogging buddies I was inspired to make a doily. Okay, I know what you are thinking, doilies are those dusty stained things grandma has on her coffee table, but this little doily will definitely make your grandma blush! Wicked Crochet sent me a really cool pattern for a "special" doily and I am so excited about it!  I went right away and bought all the necessary materials, which were a needle that is so tiny it looks dangerous, and some REALLY small gauge thready yarn stuff (cotton Size 10). Seriously, I hope I don't impale myself with this needle! Ahhh

Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, or are reading this with a child do not read further...unless you want to have to explain a very grown-up word. :)

At the end of this post you will see a picture of the finished doily...but I must warn you, if you are easily offended this will not be your cup of tea. However, if you are not embarrassed by dirty words, the irony of this piece is brilliant! The fact that something so intricate and beautiful could have such a dirty word as its centerpiece is just fascinating to me. I am proud to be presenting this to my bestest friend, because she is one of the ladies in my life that will definitely appreciate the irony; this is why I love this girl! But again, thank you Kara from Wicked Crochet for this amazing pattern, you are a genius! Kara also makes these bitchin' skull pattern scarfs and so much more. So if you would like to patronize her, check out her Etsy store here!
I also found out, the smaller the yarn I use, the more insane my cat becomes. Making this doily was a huge challenge as I had to fight her off every step of the way. Lucy has waged a war with the doily thread.

Amazing yarns I got from The Bead and Yarn Studio in Bakersfield, CA
 I would also like to take the time to mention where I got my yarn and encourage you to check out your locally owned stores before giving money to "The Man" and shopping at chain stores. Yes, chain stores are cheaper, but you get better quality and one on one time with actual needle workers at local shops. Thanks to the recommendation of a good friend, I was told about a store here in Bakersfield called Bead And Yarn Studio where I was encouraged to ask questions and basically talked poor Lulu's ear off for over an hour as she helped me choose yarn. She also offers one on one classes and help with projects or technique. Try to get that from Michael's! The overall experience was wonderful and I would highly recommend shopping local and helping out the little guys.  

So here you go, below you will find what I call the "Mike Hunt" doily (Say the name out loud if this confuses you). I made this from a pattern by Wicked Crochet and a really small crochet needle (Size 7) and thread (cotton #10). I would  not recommend this for the beginning crocheter, but once you've got the double crochet down, you'll be fine. It takes some getting used to working with such smaller materials...you kind of feel like your crocheting something for a Smurf; but it started getting more fluid after the first few rows. You will see that by comparing the bottom of the doily--where I started-- to the top where I finished. Just a pointer, make your stitches tighter than you normally would and they won't turn out all ruffly like mine is. If you would like to make your own Mike Hunt doily and any other hilarious doilies Kara has to offer, here is where you can purchase the pattern for only $3!! That's totally a steal.
My very first doily! Kara's looks much better than mine, but now that I know what I'm doing the next one should be a piece of cake!


  1. I love it! I didn't see it at first but it's awesome! LOL


  3. I adore it.
    PS- I picked up my own copy of The Happy Hooker and I'm currently working on my first scarf! Thanks for the recommendation! ♥

  4. Hooray!! You did it. Totally awesome! It turned out great.

  5. makayla phillipsMarch 8, 2011 at 7:21 PM

    i want one! lol its gorgeous, and dirty my two favorite things :)

  6. Who would be offended by this? My 72 year old mother (a retired gradeschool teacher) saw this and wants one!

  7. Thanks Anonymous! That means a lot. I've had two people stop following me because of this post. Seriously, people this is all in fun. I know I can't please everyone, especially those who don't like certain words. People should just get over themselves and lighten up a bit. Life is too short to get offended by a doily. :)

  8. Is there anything you can't do? I am working my way around the knitting needles and I have to tell you....it's not working out so great.

    My scarf looks like a blind kid made it.

  9. Hahahahahaha I effing love it! A 'C U Next Tuesday' doily will go PERFECTLY on my old school record player console that is my living room center piece. I will pass this doily down to my grandchildren, and if I don't bred I'll pass it down to your grandchildren. ~Ri