Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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One day while walking through my home I've had for close to five years now, I suddenly realized the lack of decorating my lazy ass had failed to accomplish. Suddenly, I had a Natalie Dee moment and decided I MUST DECORATE ALL THE THINGS and immediately began brainstorming via Pinterest. Unfortunately, trying to simultaneously decorate every room in the house can be quite daunting so I decided to just pick one room to start with.

My bathroom has been a mish-mash of nautical dark blues, pasty white walls, and the typical beach sand and shell motif I have grown to loathe. So I decided to put a spin on a B-movie theme and do something out of the ordinary. My inspiration was the movie Twenty-thousand Leagues Under The Sea, with a glam twist. What does that look like you say? well, see below:
I started off by perusing Etsy for some ideas, and used the search terms: Squid, octopus, 20k leagues...etc. I found this really great art print of an octopus (granted it's not a squid like the actual movie depicts, but it's still really damn cool.). I went to a local home decor store and picked out some really gnarly silver decorations. My favorite pieces are the tentacle-like vase, the sparkly shower curtain with sequins in a double helix pattern  from Bed Bath and Beyond (fuck yeah), and the crazy looking silver coral that is also quite tentacle-esque.

For the colors scheme I knew I wanted three walls to be iridescent pearl , but the focal wall was a little harder. I went back and forth between lavender and blue-green, but finally chose blue-green which I really love. However, I will NEVER buy iridescent paint for a large surface EVER again. What a pain in the ass. Not only did I have to do two coats of primer, but also three coats of the shiny glaze...five coats altogether; which is still streaky in areas. Even though it's pretty up close, overall the color is a little too taupe for my liking. Eventually, I will  repaint it but for know my stubborn ass is hoping it will grow on me after all that hard work. :)

My absolute favorite elements in this bathroom are the silver painted octopuses...(is this a word, or are they called octopii? haha) and squid. I found these little toys for pretty cheap at Michael's, spray painted them silver, and arranged a few of them in a hurricane vase; which really adds an interesting element to the mix. I had some old frames laying around so I painted them to match my focal wall and hung my Etsy print in one, then took out the glass of the other two frames, hung them on the wall and stuck a scuba diver and octopus to the inside with velcro tape. These are also really cool and definitely add to the story (if bathrooms could tell stories).

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Monday, February 6, 2012


Like most other women I've been talking to lately, I have been OBSESSED with stupid Pinterest! I say "stupid" because it consumes me, to the point where my brain doesn't create any new recipes, I just cheat and steal other people's ideas...haha! I've been having great success with most recipes I've tried so far, which is why I find it hard to try and come up with recipes on my own. I've posted a few of my favorites below if you're interested. Oh, and feel free to check out my pins first hand if you want to see how obsessed and insane I actually am:
Delicious Barbacoa Tacos
Creme Brulee
OMG Hawaiian Bread Ham and Cheese Sliders...SO GOOD

Even though I've been putting the  blogging on the back burner, I am still practicing my "old lady at heart" skills. I started sewing a little more. Now, I can wind bobbins, and thread my machine like a pro! Last weekend I turned this big ugly shirt into a form fitting dolman style shirt, thanks to an amazing seamstress with a YouTube channel.
Check out the tutorial here.
NASCAR in Vegas is coming up soon, which means lots of time on the campground...which means time to learn how to knit! I'm taking some knitting needles and plenty of yarn. Hopefully this goes well, unlike my first attempts at crochet, haha!