Monday, August 8, 2011

Zucchini Recipes and Crafty Drool-Fest.

My crochet projects have been going at a snail's pace these days; for one it's freakin' hot here and the last thing I want is for the wool shrug I've been working on to lay across my sweaty lap; Ew! Two, my poor little garden has needed much TLC this year, I think it's all the late season rain making the fungus, aphids, and worms go crazy and keeps me on guard every minute. I can't seem to get ahead! So, I have been longingly perusing the inter-web and dreaming of all the cool things I could be doing, rather than picking worms from my tomatoes and spraying the crap out of those asshole aphids. One thing that has seemed to develop immunity to the craziness, is my squash plants! Getting bored with the standard, sauteed or grilled zucchini rounds, I've gotten pretty creative to break up the monotony.

Have squash coming out of your ears (figuratively of course)? Try these simple recipes

At about 5 zucchini a week, my squash plants have given me the desire to add variation to the standard squash recipes out there! I still love the taste of squash, so I like minimal recipes that just enhance the flavor and texture of a good piece of squash.

My favorite way too cook it is by first, cutting the squash into thin little shoestrings, adding a little bacon grease to a skillet and sauteing with garlic salt, onion, and chili powder until browned on all sides. Makes a great side dish!

Another thing I love is grating the zucchini, sauteing with some diced tomato in some butter, then adding a a couple eggs and a little milk and scrambling. Great for breakfast, but also makes a great healthy side dish too.

Craft projects I'm dying to do
Check out this adorable recycled masterpiece! Introducing the Ruffled Jellyfish Explosion, Courtesy of Aunt Peaches. Click here for tutorial.
Trash bag chandelier!