Friday, November 25, 2011

Check Out My Hooters!

Once again Ravelry saves the day! If you crochet and haven't discovered Ravelry yet, you're totally missing out.  I just made the cutest little hats for my nieces and nephew. I followed the pattern for the first one, but the last two I kinda winged.

So here is the pattern, which is offered in several sizes on her site. However, if there is a size she doesn't have...or your child has a bulbous head, just measure the head, then chain one inch less (depending on the stretchyness of the yarn) and join to start the body of your hat.

By the way, I'm not sure if any of you have discovered the amazingness that is Pinterest yet, but I'm officially hooked...and its kind of becoming a ridiculous addiction. I spend more time looking and pinning all the damn projects than I do anything else--including housework, crafts, making dinner, and spending time with the Hubbz. Good thing he's too busy playing Angry Birds to notice :D

Seriously though, it really is making me an unproductive human being and it's starting to get embarrassing! Going to start restricting myself to 10 pins a day! haha.