Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tangled In Yarn

Bring on the booze for this next challenge! I decided I was to become a crochet master as soon as Christmas was over. So the other day I trekked to a craft store and bought some pretty purple yarn and a three-pack of brightly colored crochet needles of various sizes. I wasn't sure which size I needed, so I figured one of each wouldn't hurt. Since I am impatient by nature, instead of trying to find a person close by that I could learn from I took to one of my favorite sites, YouTube to begin my lessons. Holy hell...definitely harder than I thought. There are so many different stitches to learn! I thought there was one simple crochet stitch for everything, silly me. Plus the size of the needle makes a huge difference too. The tighter your stitch, the smaller your needle must be.

Over xmas break I found a relative to help me out. She was able to show me a basic stitch and told me to get a smaller needle. Apparently, the smaller the needle, the easier it is to stick through your stitches. Feeling pretty confident, I started out with a scarves width and began my stitches... the more stitches I made, the more my "scarf" started looking like a jelly bean...which leads me to lesson two: keeping consistent tension without pulling too tight on your yarn...that is unless you want to make flat, jelly-bean shapes.

Also, if you plan on getting your crochet on, make sure you give your kitty something to keep her entertained, otherwise she will get all up in your business and add some erratic tension on your yarn thus slowing up the process a bit. As of now, a beer break is looking pretty good. I am not the crafty type, in fact, I tend to suck at most things girly, so this is proving to be quite the challenge. Oh, this tangled web I weave...or attempt to weave anyway. This may be the death of me, I'll be sure to keep you posted. If there was a hell I imagine it would involve baking while following a recipe, and crocheting. Maybe it will get better once I figure out what the hell I am doing. :)

My goal: I really want to make something cool and unique once I learn to crochet, so after I figure out how to crochet in a straight line, I want to design and make a girly beer coozy with crochet flowers to hold my favorite Sam Adams or Dogfish Head beer. Then I want to design and make a simple crochet  purse to replace my cloth Aerosmith bag I have patched up  and nursed through the past two years. Unlike most women, I have one purse that I drag with me everywhere, and one annoying one that I take out only when I wear heels. Aerosmith goes with just about everything ;).

So, feel free to go grab some yarn and a thin needle and learn along with me. Here are the links to the YouTube videos I have been watching. Since it's going to take a while to complete this mission, I will be blogging about other stuff that comes my way until I learn any more crochet tips worth blogging about. :D

YouTube Links!
The little song in the intro and outro is comical
Lesson 1: Chain stitch (this is your starting point)
Lesson 2: The Single Crochet Stitch


  1. Christa told me about the book Stitch N Bitch for knitting and I really liked it. It was really helpful and I actually learned how to knit or to make a basic stitch. I remembered there was one for crocheting. It's called The Happy Hooker. You should check it out. I'm sure it will be helpful along with the videos. I used the book and videos and it was helpful.

  2. Happy Hooker?? I love it! I'm getting on Amazon right now :D

  3. I second the happy hooker vote. My evil pals have been pumping out pure awesome with the assistance of that book.

  4. Stitch 'N Bitch for knitting, Happy Hooker for Crochet, and the more recently released Stitch 'N Bitch Nation and Stitch 'N Bitch Superstar Knitting are all totally awesome! I started on knitting rather than crochet -- still find it easier than crochet, too! So you may want to start there? With the help of Happy Hooker, though, I was able to crochet some pretty badass bunny slippers :) Since I discovered these books, I'm totally addicted to both yarn-y artforms! The great thing about the books it that they start you out with basic stitches and give you patterns you can complete after just mastering a few simple things, and only then do they build on that. So the projects increase in difficulty with what you learn -- I loved that, after learning one stitch, I could make a scarf! :) I made two hats over Christmas without using a pattern for the first time -- I've always had to rely on detailed instructions before -- and I was super-excited! Good luck with this one! Knitting and crocheting are some of the best hobbies because you can work on them while watching tv and being lazy AND they make wonderful much-appreciated gifts! :)

  5. Thanks Christa! As soon as I get good(ish), we are having an old lady knit/crochet party...with lots of Sam Adams! I wonder how our stitching will be effected by booze...hmmm, haha

  6. Candice, I had the exact same experience when I tried to learn to crochet from a book: jellybeans everywhere! This was back before youtube existed and I just gave up. I think I may try again. Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. God that cat is just the cutest.

    I seriously can't even sew on a button. It's pretty terrible.

    Also?! Your hair color in the profile picture is FABULOUS! FAB FAB FAB.

  8. Jeez...your cat looks exactly like my cat! Is she half Manx? I enjoyed this post...good to find you!

  9. Thank you so much for the moral support Miss Candace. Your blog is definitely informative. After two days of hardcore knitting I've taken a brief hiatus from crocheting but will be back at it soon enough. (Definitely with a drink in hand as well!) So here's to you my dear. Good luck on your endeavorers!

    * I'll definitely be reading..* (~.~)

    Miss Jess

  10. Paige, I fucking love her too :D

    Raven, you can do it! Trust me, if I can do it(which I am now crocheting straight enough to make a functional scarf) you can too!

    Annah, Thanks! I am ADDICTED to your blog, hilarious!

    Kate, not sure what she is, we rescued her off the streets, she's just my fat little kitty, I think she may be part human in there somewhere.

    Jessie, us NEWB's have to stick together! Good luck, I'm rooting for you!

  11. My mom taught me how to crochet, i learned to knit by myself. I think knitting is harder but if you learn knitting first crocheting is easier. At least, that's what I've been told.

    I crocheted 2 scarves for christmas gifts and a couple beanie hats and some random practice scarves. It takes a lot of work and diligence but it worth learning, I think so anyways.

    Good Luck and happy stitching!

  12. I have a cat name Cici that's identical to your' see, you got the hang of things and made a gorgeous!

  13. Hi Candice. I also taught myself how to knit and crochet. You are right! It is not an easy thing to do, but well worth the effort! I have been knitting, crocheting and other crafty things for a loooong time and enjoy it still. So does the family come Birthday and Christmastime. I have a few examples on my blog. Check them out. Have a Beautiful Day, Dusty