Thursday, June 2, 2011

Turdy The Turtle

I made this little dude for my sweet nephew; I can just see his cute, sugary, sticky widdle smile now. This style of crochet is called Amigurumi; it's a Japanese art of making crochet animals. Amigurumi literally translates to crocheted/knitted, stuffed doll. The pattern was really easy to follow too which was great! I made it in less than three hours. I got my pattern from Crochet magazine. Here is a similar pattern that you can have fun with and customize all your own! Happy hooking!

Here are some more patterns for an Amigurumi Penguin and Koala 

Meanwhile, keeping my eyes on the mission:

My newest project is only in the research phase. Ever heard of tatting? No, not the kind with a needle and ink. Tatting is a really old needlework technique used to make intricate laces....and haven't you heard, lace is "in" this year. Whatever that means ;) All I know is, my great grandma used to be an amazing tatter, but the tradition stopped with her...I will be attempting to resurrect it!

So far I've found this incredible site that has antique crochet and needlework patterns. Suck it Martha Stewart, once I learn to tat, I will be infinitely cooler than you.

Wanna learn along with me? Here is what I am looking at at the moment.


  1. That turtle is SO cute! Love it!

  2. I love the little turtle. It looks great! Oh I adore antique pattern library one of my favorite sites.

  3. Very talented. This turtle is amazing.