Friday, June 24, 2011

Instant Girlification

Instead of randomly making crocheted scarfs and purses for nobody in particular, I decided to start concentrating my efforts on specific people...mostly so I don't have a lot of shit sitting in my closet, leaving me racking my brain wondering who to give it too.

I made Turdy the Turtle for my sweet nephew, and some random amigurumi strawberries for my crazy 9 year old niece (per request) and now I get to girly-up my littlest niece with some cute little headbands.

My Sister-In-Law has made it her personal quest to make her youngest daughter into a girly-girl; whether she likes it or not, damnit. ;) Since she has lost all hope for her older daughter (I believe I may have had a slight hand in facilitating her tomboyish, dirt-loving, anti-girly-girl persona) Emily is her only hope at having an actual girl to dress up in ruffles and lace.

 So, I made it my mission to help girlify her; the best part is I can do it practically for free since I'm using nothing but yarn scraps! Plus I have the most adorable model ever created, which makes the job a lot easier. Presenting Miss Emily, pronounced "Em-A-Yee" if you are gangsta like my three year old nephew :D.

Making headbands for my adorable neice is a breeze. Seriously, doesn't this little head scream for some sort of giant bow? I've found some really cute little patterns for crochet flowers and butterflies and thought I would share since they are SOOOO easy to make. If you have 10-20 minutes, you can make one of these. Don't know how to crochet? Niether did I four months ago. Here are some tutorials.

I found free patterns for small butterflies, flowers, etc. and then just stitched them to the crocheted band that I made from chain stiches, or single crochet stitches. You can also just hot glue them to a hair clip...but for babies with little hair, the headband works best. Bald is beautiful ;)

To make the headband, just measure the head, make that many chains or stitches, and fasten ends together. After I made a few of them I decided to get creative, I made up my own baby cupcake and flower designs (I put links to similar ones below) and bought rhinestones and cute little buttons (or as the hubbz says "cute, little, baby choking hazards") to ebellish with!

I made up the cherry pattern (seen up top) on my own. So to do it, just follow the "testicle" pattern I used for making the "wocket ship" lip balm cozy with red yarn, then make the stem from chain stitches in green yarn. Seems wrong...but nobody will ever know they were made from a testicle pattern :D

Here are the links to my favorite little designs:
Flower 1
Flower 2
Flower 3
Flower 4
Little heart

Go Ag!